Face your own monsters and bring color back to your world!

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Anyo is created with young people with lived experience of depression and anxiety. It is part of MENTAL Jam, a research project conducted at RMIT University about the knowledge translation of lived experiences of depression and anxiety through video game co-creation.

TRIGGER WARNING: The following game deals with the themes of depression and anxiety; therefore, some words or images may trigger an adverse reaction. 

Mental Health Services and Helplines (Australia)

Lifeline  13 11 14
Suicideline  1300 651 251
Suicide Call Back Service 1300 659 467
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and Anxiety Helpline 1300 269 438 or 9886 9377
Kids Helpline (5 to 25-year-olds) 1800 551 800

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AuthorMENTAL Jam
Tagsabuse, anxiety, butterfly, chaos, color, depression, insomnia, isolation, self-harm, sorrow


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I loved the concept behind facing your own monsters and that the last boss might symbolise that after facing many monsters that you have to also face yourself, a past self, one that you have to defeat and somewhat let go to bloom into a new self.


As someone with goldfish memory, the game is actually quite difficult at the last stages =)) but it's fun at the same time. I love how the caterpillar turned into butterfly is metaphoric for a person's transformation once facing their own monsters.