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I think this is just me but there seems to be a bug when I have to pick the advice for them being a great person vs the world can be a shitty place. It's reversed.

thanks for pointing it out, I'll look into the bug :)

Thanks! One more thing... sometimes the text doesn't fit in the phone and it all jumbles up instead of being scrolled down.


thanks so much! if you find any more lemme know :)

I'm struggling at my work as a new intern who constantly makes mistakes and it's put me down. I'm playing games to treat myself and I couldn't have needed this more than now. Wonderful game <3

thank you, we are glad it resonated with you and enjoyed the game :)

so relatable + uplifting, great message <3 love the art style!

thank you so much! it's my first time trying this art style - Michelle


thank you ❤